Sunday, 8 March 2009

we have to leave chase

thhis is the moment i really do not like. we have 10 minutes until the transport from croydon should be here but they will probably get lost as they did when they bought us here. we were driving all around guilford for an hour and a half, and mum was trying to tell them that this wasn't the way to go. but hey. we have had a really lovely time and we have been swimming twice. we have played on the wii and we have also been on the trampoline. so all in all a lovely stay at chase and we will see chase again for the whole of easter week as that is when we are next coming. gotta go.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

at chase

hi everybody
we are spending the weekend at chase and we are having a lovely quiet relaxing time. i am sat on one of the computers at the moment, i couldn't update my blog on the touchscreen computer as blog doesn't work on that one:( i am really sad about that. but hey life still goes on. william is very excited as this is the first time he has been here after his transplant so no-one is allowed in the same room as him unless they are family members or the nurses. but william doesn't really care. the only time he did care was lunchtime today and he had to stay in the room by the garden, he didn't like that as he wanted to go and play in the dining room. at first the door into it was open but after his first escape from the room we decided we would leave the door shut and try to entertain him as best we could. at least he had the musical intruments in that room.
i have to go now but i will try to update soon.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


i am soooo sorry that it took me so long to write again. so much has happened since my last blog, whoever reads this blog has probably been following my mums so i shant write what she has already written. heres the latest in the last week
Monday: first day back at school. nothing special happened
Tuesday: The doctors made threir desision to send william home on thursday
Wednesday: the whole house is buzzing with excitement at the thought of being able to go home soon
Thursday: as promised, William is sent home
Friday: Supposedly my last friday at st. peters
Saturday morning: we packed up everything into bags ready to go into the car the following week.
saturday afternoon: the phonecall from mum that we have all been dreading, william has a temperature and is going to hospital.

so after all of that i was NOT in a good mood. turns out william has caught pneumonia and now no-one knows how long this will be for.

For a bit of a laugh to brighten up peoples moods after reading this gloomy entry i will tell you all what my dream was last night...

' I was waiting for the school bus to come after school but it didn't come, so my friend Betsy said, "I have my car round there, I could give you both a lift home"(me and my friend Munashe) so we went with her to her car and she started driving pretty well. it seemed to take us a long time to get there and i could have sworn we were on the motorway but i thought nothing of it. 3 hours later i noticed that we were up in the welsh mountains and i said " BETSY you've gome too far, we're in wales, TURN AROUND" so she turned around and i said " Betsy are you allowed to drive this car" and she said " yes"
"mum lets me park the car sometimes"
"Next to her in the passengers seat while she parks the car
It was such a funny dream that i woke up laughing at 7.00.'